Greyfriars Dumfries

Saint Brides Church (Dumfries) Ltd
An Anglican Congregation

Registered Charity no: SC040685

A Forward in Faith Church

Mission Statement

We, the congregation dedicated to Saint Bride, and worshipping in Greyfriars Church, Dumfries are a Forward in Faith Church. We are part of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. We affirm the Faith of the Church as revealed in Scripture and Tradition.

We proclaim our faith through the Creeds, the Sacraments and the apostolic ministry of bishops and priests of the Universal Church. We seek a guaranteed ecclesial structure in which we can pass the faith onto our children and grandchildren. We have a vision for unity and truth and we are going FORWARD IN FAITH.

When the New Religion doctrines of the Ordination of women to the priesthood/epsicopate and Lay celebration of the Sacraments were adopted by the Scottish Episcopal Church no provision was made for those who wished to adhere to the historic faith of the Church. At Saint Brides the worship is traditional and is conducted by validly and regularly ordained male Anglican priests according to traditional rites.

We welcome all Christians at our worship. If you wish to receive communion please speak to Father Andrew prior to the service. We do not operate a policy of open communion.